Curry Up Now signed a deal with a franchise group in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas to bring six new Curry Up Now restaurants and Mortar & Pestle craft cocktail bars to hungry Texans. Curry Up Now operates 11 restaurants and three craft cocktail bars across the country, with nearly 50 restaurants in varying stages of development in major regions across the United States.

“We’re proud to continue Curry Up Now’s expansion to Texas with our new franchisee and are thrilled to be bringing our restaurant to Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin,” says Akash Kapoor, CEO and Founder of Curry Up Now. “We have great franchise partners in Ankita Mehta, Kamlesh Modi, Ratnakar Mody, and Aryan Vig and we have full confidence that they will successfully grow the Curry Up Now brand in Texas.”

The new franchisees have secured their first location and anticipate opening in March of 2021 at The Grandscape, a large multi-use entertainment, dining, and retail complex in The Colony, Texas. The Grandscape location will feature a Curry Up Now restaurant and Mortar & Pestle craft cocktail bar. Three other locations are slated for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and an additional two in Austin as part of their six-unit deal.

“What excites me about Curry Up Now is the menu and the way they construct/deconstruct the Indo- fusion concept,” says franchisee Ankita Mehta. “I love cooking and write a blog named ‘Life Love & Curry.’ What better opportunity would it be to partner up with a franchise sharing my passion.  I was born and brought up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so bringing Curry Up Now here feels like bringing home a piece of my food culture, my dream, passion, and vision for a bright future.”

Curry Up Now has been on a mission to serve Indian cuisine in an approachable way for American consumers by utilizing formats that are recognizably mainstream. Their signature dishes include Burritos, Bowls, Sexy Fries (a poutine of sorts), Naughty Naan, Quesadillix (Curry Up Now’s spin on a quesadilla), Tacos and more, as well as a wide variety of Indian street food snacks and traditional dishes like Thali Platters, Kathi Rolls, and Bhel Puri. Ingredients are clean and sourced from local vendors whenever possible, and the menu is designed to support vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal diets in an effort to accommodate all guests, no matter their dietary preferences.

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