Industry News | November 18, 2009

Custard Pints and Oreo Sandwiches Ready to Go at Culver's

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Culver's announced its new offer of holiday-inspired, four-pack Frozen Custard Pints and Oreo Sandwiches to go.

"Figuring out what dessert to bring to a holiday party can be challenging. We know our guests will find joy in the fact that Culver’s offers options that make life so much easier," says David Stidham, vice president of marketing for Culver's. "The Frozen Custard Pints and the Oreo Sandwiches are made with Culver’s fresh frozen custard, which we make fresh throughout the day, everyday."

According to Stidham, Culver's is helping to ease the stress of the holiday season by offering diners the opportunity to purchase these to-go desserts to take one step out of their already busy schedules.

The four-pack Frozen Custard Pints and Oreo Sandwiches will be available at the local restaurant. For a limited time only, to-go pints are available in festive flavors, including Egg Nog Brickle, Oreo Peppermint, and Andes Mint Avalanche.