Industry News | November 23, 2009

Customers "Worth Every Penny" at Arby's

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To celebrate the arrival of its new $5.01 Combo Meals, Arby’s is hosting a giveaway to let customers know they are “Worth Every Penny.”

From November 23 to December 27, Arby’s fans can register online for a chance to win prizes, including money and Arby’s gift cards. Each day at 5:01 p.m. EST, prizes will be awarded, including $501 and Arby’s gift cards valued at $50.01 and $5.01. At the end of the contest, one fan will win a grand prize of $10,000.01.

Launched in September 2009, Arby’s new $5.01 combos include a small order of fries and small drink paired with one of Arby’s full-sized sandwiches, including Regular Roast Beef, French Dip & Swiss Toasted Sub, Roast Beef Gyro, Roast Beef Patty Melt, and Roast Chicken Ranch.