This is the deal that will put Daddy’s Chicken Shack on the map. The highly anticipated franchise growth of one of America’s most popularized emerging brands has taken flight. 

Distinguished in the highly competitive fast casual chicken category by its elevated chef-driven menu and highly advanced, tech-enabled operations, Daddy’s Chicken Shack announced today a historic development deal. Inked with renowned business leader Dave Liniger, best known for founding and growing RE/MAX into one of America’s and the world’s preeminent real estate companies, the regional developer agreement covers franchise expansion in the Denver and Phoenix markets. Details of the agreement include an even split of 20 locations, 10 planned for both Denver and Phoenix, the latter of which will focus on the eastern part of the region, including Scottsdale.

“The upside for Daddy’s Chicken Shack is limitless when you consider the level of differentiation it has achieved and that it will sustain in the years to come. This is a concept designed to thrive today where high-quality menu items must pair perfectly with convenience and value,” says Liniger, who, in addition to becoming the pioneering franchise investor with Daddy’s Chicken Shack, is also an investor in the corporate entity and serves as a mentor to company co-founders Pace Webb and Chris Georgalas. “I don’t take any investment lightly, and I’ve done endless due diligence on Daddy’s Chicken Shack. This is a rock-solid brand with a remarkable foundation for expansion.”

Liniger has established Area 15 Franchising, LLC, now part of Area 15 Ventures, the private equity investment portfolio featuring stakes in more than 10 companies across an array of attractive industries, to own and operate the restaurants. It will also serve as the engine for growth throughout both areas, given that the regional developer deal is founded upon Area 15 Franchising, LLC acquiring the rights to market and sell the franchise opportunity.

“Chris and I have been working tirelessly since founding the brand to maximize its potential, and Dave has been an incredible sounding board. I can’t think of better validation for the brand than to have Dave sign a regional developer deal, and open restaurants that he plans to own and operate in the markets,” says Webb, who serves as CEO and leads the business with Georgalas, her husband and the president of the company. “Dave and Daddy’s Chicken Shack together position the brand to become an immediate force. The ripples from this will be felt, strategically setting us up for exponential expansion.”

Linger’s belief in Daddy’s stems from several factors, with its signature chicken sandwiches at the top of the list. Webb, an accomplished entrepreneur whose accolades include being one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after chefs and appearing on several well-known television programs, handcrafted each menu item. She perfected a flavor profile unlike any other that blends her own Southern U.S. roots with tastes from Georgalas’ Japanese heritage. The flavors are perfectly paired with buttermilk, then double-battered to a crispy finish. The result is a menu filled with sandwiches, bowls and sides capturing cult-like fanfare in its Southern California home market and soon well beyond.

Plus, Liniger’s faith in the brand lies in a business model that is deeply entrenched in technology. Launching in 2018, Daddy’s Chicken Shack was ahead of the curve when it came to front-end technology that facilitated online ordering, app engagement, in-store web-enabled tech, exclusive pick-up areas and third-party delivery partnerships. Plus, Georgalas’ vision included a dynamic backend technology suite that fosters real-time data to better serve customers, employees and vendors.

With the regional developer deal in place for Liniger, franchise sales efforts are immediately underway in the reserved territories. Liniger will be actively marketing the franchise opportunity to interested and qualified individuals and groups, including putting the brand on display March 18th and 19th at the West Coast Franchise Expo in Phoenix at the Convention Center in addition to the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas March 29th to April 1st.

Ideal franchise candidates have a desire to provide quality, fresh ingredients to customers along with the idea of leveraging an unforgettable experience in bringing people together. The brand aims to attract individuals and groups with previous restaurant experience and who resonate with the brand’s values of bringing sunshine to communities by honoring inclusivity, good food and a memorable guest experience.  

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