Daily Harvest is launching two new Scoops, featuring its first decadent, plant-based ice cream made from organic cashews (and coconut-free). Like all Scoops, they’re completely clean with no dairy, gums, fillers, additives, refined sugars, or carrageenans.

Here are the new launches including some pro tips from Head Chef and Culinary R+D Director Ashley Lonsdale:

  • Pistachio + Toasty, Buttery Hazelnut Crunch Scoops: “We were inspired by our favorite Italian gelato order! Our pistachios are a custom blend with no vegetable oils or ultra processed ingredients, which is actually (and sadly) quite hard to find! This means you can taste real pistachios in each creamy spoonful (other pistachio ice creams tend to derive their nutty flavor from almonds). Pistachios are also quite rich in antioxidants so we added chlorella for an even greater antioxidant boost and a teensy extra green!”
  • Cold Brew + Roasted Espresso Bean Chip Scoops: “This one is bold and has all of the roasted notes that coffee lovers will appreciate. Plus, bits of espresso and unsweetened chocolate really sing. And we couldn’t resist including chaga mushrooms for their many potential benefits including immune support.”
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