HotSchedules, a leading provider of workforce and back office solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced that the largest Dairy Queen franchise in North America, Fourteen Foods, has expanded its partnership with HotSchedules to implement comprehensive labor and task management with the Clarifi Labor and digital Logbook solutions.

Following the success of the pilot-test in eight of DQ Chill & Grill’s most veteran stores, Fourteen Foods will implement these solutions across all 220 locations in 13 states. By streamlining and digitizing their labor management solution, Fourteen Foods will increase efficiency amongst managers to improve overall workflow, allowing them to spend less time scheduling and more time with their employees, providing guests with the best customer experience possible. With configurable task lists in the digital Logbook solution, Fourteen Foods can better achieve consistency and accountability, protecting their business from food safety risks and costly compliance violations that vary by each state.

“We wanted to digitize our manual Red Book system to increase efficiency and also protect our employees,” says Jill Walz, Chief Operating Officer at Fourteen Foods. “We chose HotSchedules for a digital solution because we wanted a true partner — and for nearly a decade, our relationship with HotSchedules has only grown stronger. On the product front, Clarifi was the best solution for us because we needed a robust system to meet an array of requirements across HR, labor, operations, scheduling, IT and more. We’re thrilled to consolidate workflow and labor into one easy-to-use platform with HotSchedules, making many processes remarkably easier for our team members.”

The transition to HotSchedules’ software will create brand consistency at each location, simplify operations and forecasting, all while ensuring regulatory compliance across state lines. Additionally, by allowing employees to easily prioritize responsibilities, HotSchedules’ labor and scheduling solutions will create the opportunity to increase engagement among employees, lessening the turnover rate that is all too common in the restaurant industry.

“Fourteen Foods and its DQ Chill & Grill locations will highly benefit from a digitized system that will organize and streamline all operations to make managers’ jobs significantly easier, allowing them more time to assist customers and employees,” says David Cantu, co-founder and chief customer officer of HotSchedules. “As a valued customer for many years, we are overjoyed to expand our partnership with Fourteen Foods. With Clarifi Labor and digital logbook solution, Fourteen Foods is transitioning to a seamless and fully digital labor and task management system, which eliminates the guesswork and hassle of switching shifts, and increases consistency and accountability across every store.”

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