Mobile Posse Inc., the leading provider of idle screen content and advertising for mobile, is helping Dairy Queen reach consumers on-the-go through their mobile phones. Starting in March, Dairy Queen and digital agency space150 piloted Mobile Posse’s idle screen advertising platform to promote its new Sweet Deals value menu. Consumer response to Dairy Queen’s campaign was outstanding, with click-through rates averaging more than 22 percent. These results raise the bar for mobile campaign performance and demonstrate the ability of mobile advertising to effectively engage U.S. consumers.

Dairy Queen’s campaign drove awareness of its Sweet Deals value menu among value-conscious consumers. Delivered at 5 p.m., as people start to think about dinner plans, the advertisement promoted meal options from $3 to $5 and the tagline, “Dinner is your choice with Sweet Deals.” The Sweet Deals value menu was also promoted through sponsorship of daily weather forecasts. Click-through-rates for the Sweet Deals advertisement averaged a remarkable 22 percent. The campaign was also very effective at engaging unique mobile users, with nearly 54 percent of all Mobile Posse users electing to view Dairy Queen’s Sweet Deals advertisement via the idle screen banner or through the application’s Recent Offers Menu. In addition, more than 69 percent of all Mobile Posse users viewed the Dairy Queen-sponsored weather forecast at least once during the campaign.

“We are always testing new ways to effectively connect consumers with client brands, and mobile is a tremendous opportunity,” says Nicole Newville, director of modern media at space150, who oversees the Dairy Queen account. “Idle screen advertising proved both effective and economical, and an ideal mobile complement to traditional marketing programs. We are excited by the impressive results of our initial campaigns enabled by Mobile Posse.”

Mobile Posse’s solution proactively delivers information, entertainment, and promotional content to the most valuable real-estate on the mobile device–the idle screen. Consumers opt-in to receive weather forecasts, sports scores, horoscopes and trivia, along with exclusive coupons and discounts. Content and offers are delivered only when the phone is not already in use, ensuring a superior customer experience. Users may re-engage with current content and offers at any time through Mobile Posse’s unique Recent Offers Menu, thereby maximizing consumer engagement.

“We are very excited to be working with Dairy Queen and space150 to drive awareness of the Sweet Deals value menu,” says Jon Jackson, CEO of Mobile Posse. “The success of their campaign proves that idle screen delivery is very effective at creating brand awareness among consumers and at driving those consumers to take action.

Advertisers rely on the Mobile Posse platform to build brand awareness, promote limited-time offers and discounts and drive customer loyalty. The flexibility of the platform allows advertisers to effectively promote a wide range of consumer products and services. Interactive and graphical campaigns can be quickly and easily developed and may be targeted by age, gender, location, time-of-day and more. Multiple calls to action are supported, as are survey and poll creation. With available in-house consulting and creative services, Mobile Posse provides a turn-key mobile advertising solution for agencies and brands.

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