Daktronics Inc. of Brookings, South Dakota, announced that its Commercial Creative Services team won three 2010 Communicator Awards for first-time submissions. The Communicator Awards, an annual competition that receives thousands of entries from the U.S. and worldwide, is the largest, most competitive program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals.

“Daktronics Creative Services is pleased to be honored by the 2010 Communicator Awards. Our design goals for LED advertising are, first and foremost, to communicate a visual message with aesthetics and clarity,” says Gina Peterson, Daktronics Creative Services manager. “As we pursue these objectives, we are defining the philosophy and changing the landscape of design for LED products. The awards confirm our ability to successfully achieve those goals for our customers.”

A custom reel Daktronics Creative Services produced specifically for quick-serve restaurants placed in two categories. An animated version of the Go Red logo, available at no cost to all Daktronics end users from the Daktronics e-commerce site, placed in one category.

The awards included: 16th Annual Communicator Award of Excellence (Gold) for Daktronics QuickServe Restaurant Reel, in the “Film/Video-Low Budget (under $700 per minute)” category; 16th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction (Silver) for Daktronics Go Red animated piece, “Charitable Offerings” catalog, in the “Film/Video—“Charitable/Non-profit category”; and 16th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction (Silver) for Daktronics QuickServe Restaurant Reel in the “Other” category.