Decision Logic released update 3.11 of its popular restaurant management software. The updated version of the software offers new features, including custom email reporting, inventory and ordering tools, and an enhanced user experience.

The features increase the software’s capacity for helping multi-unit restaurateurs save time, save money, and increase profit.

“The 3.11 release provides tools to help restaurant operators work smarter,” says Nathan Pickerill, Decision Logic director of Professional Services.

“In today’s economy, communication and process improvements can make a huge difference to the bottom line. We are committed to ongoing improvement of this software to meet the very real and changing needs of our customers.”

Restaurant Executives will appreciate the software’s ability to help them:

  • Determine product mix, by ingredient, to support marketing and operations functions
  • Stay up-to-date on current metrics, with custom email reports easily accessible from most media devices wherever you have an internet connection
  • Increase security with new measures that protect sensitive operations data
  • Review and analyze customer/order data with check-level information

Daily Users will experience:

  • Enhanced purchasing choices, allowing for both case and per-item ordering
  • Consolidated ordering and inventory functions
  • Added viewing options for cost-of-goods sold and inventory reports
  • Simplified troubleshooting for data entry errors
  • Updated interface for improved usability

All of these upgrades are designed to control costs by improving efficiency. Cost control is a core aspect of the Decision Logic mission.

Through a clear interactive interface, the software actually proactively leads store-level teams to achieve the highest level of efficiency and profitability.

Decision Logic software version 3.11 is in use by customers, and the next version of the software is already underway, with release scheduled for May 2012. Customers who use the Decision Logic back-office solution automatically receive upgrades at no additional cost.

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