Del Taco is rolling out a 99 cent Classic Taco deal beginning Sept. 17 and using a steamy ad to promote the campaign.

The Classic Taco promotion formally introduces the restaurant chain’s new “Go Bold Or Go Home” advertising campaign, developed by Doner Advertising. The “Go Bold” slogan will be prominently featured in TV and radio advertising, on in-restaurant new packaging, a series of company-wide rallies where employees will be encouraged to commit to a “Go Bold” pledge, in movie theatres, an online media blitz, and in a special viral communications campaign featuring an online food fight.

“The more noise we can make, the better,” says Sharon Fogg, senior vice president of marketing.

The new TV spot opens with a shot of an anonymous someone, off-frame, completing an online order for a stripper pole of the kind used by exotic dancers. In the next scene, a deliveryman unloads from his truck the wrapped stripper pole, smiles and makes his way to the door. In the next scene, grandma, clearly a senior citizen, welcomes the deliveryman with delight and tells her husband, “Honey, the stripper pole is here!”

Grandpa, who is relaxing in a leather chair eating Del Taco food tells the deliveryman to put the pole in the back, “by the swing,” to which the deliveryman does a double take.

The voice over comes in with a series of food shots: “Go bold and step up to the new 99 cent classic taco with double the meat, double the freshly grated cheese, double the mouth kick’n attitude of our original taco. Del Taco: Go Bold Or Go Home.”

The new ads will air in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Sacramento, California; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah, and Phoenix and Yuma, Arizona.

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