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    McDonald’s Delivery Expands to Over 1,000 Restaurants

  • Industry News May 17, 2017
    flickr: Mike Mozart

    McDonald’s hinted at expanded delivery in recent months. On Wednesday, the fast food giant dropped its first definitive statement—and it was a sizable one. McDelivery with UberEATS is now available in more than 1,000 U.S. restaurants.

    Customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Phoenix can order McDonald’s through the UberEATS app, the company announced.

    “We are bringing a new level of convenience to more of our customers as we continue to transform the McDonald’s experience,” says McDonald’s president and CEO Steve Easterbrook in a statement. “Through the ease of the UberEATS app, our customers can enjoy their favourite McDonald’s foods delivered right to them enjoying greater choice, control and personalization than ever before.”

    Here is a breakdown of some of the new locations:

    • Los Angeles: 300 restaurants
    • Chicago: 267 restaurants
    • Columbus: 59 restaurants
    • Phoenix: 144 restaurants

    And this is just the beginning, McDonald’s added. The company, along with UberEATS, began piloting McDelivery in more than 200 restaurants throughout Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay in January. New stores will continue to be added.

    “Whether you are at home or at the park, UberEATS has what you're craving ready to be delivered at the tap of a button,” says Jason Droege, head of UberEverything, in a statement. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with McDonald’s in the U.S. to bring the ease and reliability of Uber's technology to deliver customer’s favorite menu items."

    McDonald’s revleaed this plan in April following its strong first-quarter report.

    “Through delivery, we'll bring the McDonald's experience to more customers, whether it's in their homes, their dorm rooms, to their workplace and beyond," Easterbrook said at the time. "We're encouraged by our pilot results in Florida and are expanding to additional cities in the U.S. this quarter ... we feel good about the way we're interacting with UberEATS. They've proven to be a good partner for us and, hopefully, we are for them. So we'll be expanding into a number of U.S. cities with UberEATS this quarter and demonstrating why we believe this is a velocity accelerator."

    Globally, McDonald’s is already one of the largest providers of delivered food in the world and has more than two decades of experience, the chain said in Wednesday’s announcement. In 2016, it reported nearly $1 billion in delivery sales across company and franchised units. The strongest markets being Asia and the Middle East, where top delivery restaurants generate up to 40 percent of their sales from the service.

    “McDonald’s restaurant footprint, combined with the cutting-edge innovation of the UberEATS platform, positions us well to meet the consumer demand for fast and reliable delivery—making this an ideal partnership,” Easterbrook said.