Delphi Display Systems Inc., a leader in consumer engagement and business optimization technology solutions for the foodservice and consumer retail markets, released details on the introduction of its new Insight Track VR+ drive-thru speed of service optimization solution that uses digital cameras and state-of-the-art image processing software to detect, track, and time vehicles from the time they enter the property until the time they leave. The Track VR+ solution will be on display at FSTEC from September 22–23 at the Sheraton, New Orleans.

The Insight Track VR+ solution is a quantum leap in technology and capability over traditional in-ground loop-based timing systems. In today’s increasingly complex drive-thru lane configurations, traditional timing systems have serious limitations when it comes to managing multiple lanes, pull-ins, pull-outs, drive-offs, pre-queue lines, and customers parked in waiting areas. By leveraging digital camera technology coupled with state-of-the-art image processing software, the Insight Track VR+ solution overcomes these limitations by accurately detecting and measuring all vehicle movements. The system displays critical operational bottlenecks on large color dashboard screens located in the restaurant production area.

“As restaurants begin to grapple with dual drive-thru lanes and mobile pre-order customers, the need to track speed of service delivery will be even more critical,” says Mark DiCamillo, vice president of product management. “The Insight Track VR+ solution allows the restaurant to track every vehicle as it enters the drive-thru and pick-up areas. Whether they are traditional drive thru customers, are express beverage customers, or mobile pre-order customers, they all want the fastest service possible. This new solution will help restaurants measure and monitor their service delivery like never before possible.”