Industry News | October 28, 2013

Denny’s Gets Digital with Dailybreak Media

Dailybreak Media, the native engagement platform designed to drive brand participation and consumer action at scale, announced the results of a recent native engagement campaign with Denny’s. The campaign was designed to build awareness, interest, and excitement around the brand’s new Build Your Own Pancakes menu and drive traffic to Denny’s restaurants nationwide.

Dailybreak created an interactive experience that encouraged consumers to engage with the brand while educating them on the new, limited-time only menu. The Build Your Own Pancakes Challenge incorporated branded videos and trivia which led consumers to build their own digital pancake from a variety of menu toppings and mix-ins. Users were able to name their final design and share the unique creation with family and friends via social channels, driving consumers in store to purchase.

“This challenge was the perfect mix of engaging graphics and creativity to get consumers to engage, learn, and interact digitally with Denny’s and drive them in-store,” says John Federman, Dailybreak CEO. “At the core of the experience was a sense of whimsy and fun—all the while underscoring the fresh, varied ingredients that define the Denny’s experience.”

On average, consumers invested over three minutes in the digital experience and Dailybreak delivered over 30,000 engagements for the brand. The digital campaign also generated more than 25,000 pancake design submissions and over 26,000 store locator searches completed.

“We are thrilled to achieve such a high number of engagements through Dailybreak Media and the Build Your Own Pancake experience as we are always looking for new for consumers to interact with our brand,” says John Dillon, vice president of brand marketing and field marketing for Denny’s Corporation.

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