Whether you are in a frenzy preparing your taxes or you are sitting back waiting for a nice refund check, come celebrate Tax Day at Denny’s. For the first time, Denny’s is offering a national coffee giveaway. Anytime on Tuesday, April 17, customers can visit any participating restaurant in the U.S. and receive one free cup of Denny’s new bolder, richer Special Blend Coffee.

“If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, we encourage you to stop by a Denny’s. We know you will be impressed,” says Margaret Jenkins, Denny’s chief marketing officer. “We are proud to introduce our new blend because Denny’s understands what our guests look for in a cup of coffee, a smooth, bold, and rich taste.”

Each week Denny’s serves two million cups of coffee. When a company pours that much coffee, they develop a real expertise about one of America’s favorite beverages. Denny’s coffee providers travel all over Latin America, the premier coffee-growing region of the world, to source the finest coffee beans–from Colombia to Guatemala and Mexico to Peru. The beans are custom roasted to reach a rich, smooth flavor and coffee is made fresh throughout the day.

Throughout the restaurant’s 54-year history, Denny’s has always strived to pour a great cup of coffee. This means changing its coffee blends to meet evolving consumer preferences. The new smooth, richer blend reflects the more intense flavors currently preferred by America’s coffee drinkers.

“Coffee preferences have been impacted by the popularity of coffee shops and the availability of premium roasts,” says Peter Gibbons, Denny’s vice president of product development. “Our new special blend has a rich coffeehouse taste that our guests enjoy in the comfortable atmosphere of our restaurants.”

For those people who can’t make it into a restaurant, Denny’s will bring the coffee to them. In five major cities–Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Pittsburgh–Americans will be greeted at post offices and specially chosen high-traffic areas for a chance to try a cup of Denny’s new Special Blend Coffee.