Industry News | June 1, 2010

Denny's Offers Dining Discounts for AARP Members

Denny’s announced it entered into a multi-year agreement with AARP to provide exclusive discounts to its members, starting today, June 1. This agreement was entered into based on the positive response from members to the exclusive discount currently running in the May/June issue of AARP, The Magazine. This offer includes 20 percent off the entire table’s check between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily and $1 coffee, all day, every day, at participating restaurants nationwide.

“This relationship enables us to promote special, targeted offers to AARP’s millions of members and helps AARP make available to its members offers that are meaningful to them,” says Nelson Marchioli, CEO and president of Denny’s. “At the same time, special offers for AARP members will help Denny’s drive increased frequency among consumers 50-plus.”

“Denny’s is a great addition to AARP’s portfolio of shopping, dining, and travel benefits made available to members” says Howard Byck, senior vice president of AARP Services, Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of AARP. “We are pleased for Denny’s to deliver special value to our members and to help members find ways to enjoy more for less.”


I live near the Wisconsin, Illinois border. The Illinois Dennys won't accept the coffee discount with any other form of meal discount. The Wisconsin Dennys, claims the coffee discount is separate from any food discount and gives both. I sure wish I knew which was correct......

They don't want a bunch of deadbeats taking-up valuable seating for a lousy cup of coffee. If you want to be a cheapskate and sit for hours with your coffee and reading free newspapers, I suggest you go to McDonalds. :)

Person's who are classified as "Seniors", are not "Deadbeats". We have labored long and hard, and at about 50 years of age, we are able to begin a period of rest and reflection. The $1.00 coffee that Denny's offers to seniors, is not because we are so broke that we cannot afford a cup of coffee at regular prices, it is an act of honor and recognition by a great American institution.Most Seniors are financially secure by 50, although some are still working on being secure. We can afford the prices that Denny's offers their food at in their menu's. The price is not the point. It is the fact that a restaurant wants the senior business and is willing to show the respect that seniors deserve, to get their business.When someone writes an opinion like the one who labels seniors as "Deadbeats", who sit in restaurants all day, taking up space, they write from a position of ignorance.I personally want to thank the owners of Denny's restaurants who have shown us seniors honorable consideration, and have made myself (for one) want to return to my local Denny's restaurant, over and over again.Rob Robinson (55 years of age)

You obviously have no idea what you are saying. DEADBEATS. What is this, are you guilty of doing just this very same thing? When we go to Denny's we usual spend well over $20.00, and if a cup of coffee is offered free or discounted, then why should we not take advantage of it? Sounds to me like you are a real loser.

We stopped at Denny's last week, we asked about the coffee; however, the manager told us they were not part of this offer, each franchise is different. This is false advertising at its best.

Some Bakersfield ca Dennys deny the 20% off for aarp members, claiming thats not a valid promo, I think every dennys that doesnt honor this should be reported and avoided if they wont change, a national chain should always honor the promotion......

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