Despite the recent flurry of financial and economic gloom, Pittsburgh-based HyperActive Technologies expects its year-over-year revenues will multiply by more than 400 percent this year–to more than $4 million–and maintains a “cautious optimism” about its ability to continue an upward growth trend for the next several years.

“We’ve definitely turned a corner, from being a start-up software company to the point at which we are a significant technology provider to the QSR industry,” says HyperActive Chairman and CEO Joseph Porfeli.

He points to a number of recent customer wins as evidence: CKE (the parent company of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s chains), Arby’s, and International Dairy Queen all have named HyperActive Technologies as a “preferred” or “exclusive” provider of one or more types of QSR technology.

“We did two things over the last year to strengthen our position in this industry,” Porfeli says. “We continued to develop Bob and tailor the implementations to specific chains, improving the likelihood of adoption of this new and innovative technology, and we made ourselves more effective as a provider to this industry by acquiring related products, complementary to Bob, that quick-serves are already adopting on a widespread basis.”

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