Stevi B’s Pizza is launching new line of specialty dessert pizzas, which will debut as limited-time offers throughout 2010.

Stevi B’s introduced the new line of dessert pizzas with the launch of the Orange Dream in April at all 35 Stevi B’s locations. Additional specialty dessert pizzas to hit the menu this year include the Lemon Drop, Pumpkin Pie, and Candy Cane.

• Orange Dream – Already available in-store, this tangy treat includes Bavarian crème, streusel, and refreshing orange icing.

• Lemon Drop – Available in June, this dessert includes lemon crème, streusel, and classic vanilla icing.

• Pumpkin Pie – Just in time for the fall season, this pie will debut in October and includes rich pumpkin filling, streusel, and classic vanilla icing.

• Candy Cane – In celebration of the holidays, Stevi B’s festive pizza will debut in December and includes Bavarian crème, classic vanilla icing, and refreshing crushed peppermint.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new line of specialty dessert pizzas for 2010,” says Matthew Loney, president of Stevi B’s Pizza.

“Our current dessert pizzas have already proved to be a popular item, so we are confident that the new selections will taste delicious and offer customers the same quality ingredients that are in all our pizzas.”

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