Industry News | February 1, 2013

Dickey’s Gets Heated with New Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Dickey's, a barbecue franchise known for its slow-smoke barbecue, is adding a new limited-time-only Spicy Chicken Sandwich to its menu.

"We take our time in developing new menu items to make sure they offer something unique and exciting to our customers," says Roland Dickey, Jr., president and CEO. "I can't wait for our customers to taste our new Spicy Chicken Sandwich because I know it's going to be a new favorite."

Dickey's Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a toasted buttery roll filled with Dickey's marinated chicken breast, smothered in a zesty Louisiana hot-sauce blend and topped with crunchy Onion Tanglers and Romaine lettuce.

"We can't wait for our customers to enjoy the heated blend of flavors; I know it's one of my favorite limited-time menu items," says chef Jeff Forrester, director of purchasing. "It's a good thing we offer free ice cream to cool things off."

Dickey's Spicy Chicken Sandwich is available February 1-March 31. The franchise is also offering $2 Chicken Sandwiches on Mondays through the end of February. This special will include the new Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

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