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    Digital Marketing Conference to be Held in September

  • Industry News May 31, 2013

    FSTEC NexGen announced today it will introduce a digital marketing conference, in partnership with DigitalCoCo, to provide foodservice marketing decision makers a one-stop opportunity to learn about the latest in online marketing. Aptly named the Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit (FDMS), marketers, brand developers, and content creators will assemble to discuss and learn about timely digital marketing subjects enabled by technology, network with industry peers and key suppliers while accessing the industry’s leading technology conference. Culminating the various aspects of the FDMS program will be the presentation and celebration of the industry’s Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) Awards. FDMS will be held on Tuesday, September 24 alongside of FSTEC from September 22 to 24, at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.


    For the restaurant industry, consumer adoption of digital media is racing ahead of traditional media. Combined with the rapid advances available in technology, marketers and technology professionals are blending their expertise to bring brands to the next level. The digital marketing conference is designed to offer a format of knowledge and solutions that marketers can apply directly to their brands. “The future of marketing is here and digital is leading the way. We are excited to partner with Paul Barron as his expertise in digital in the restaurant industry is unmatched,” states Rob Grimes, chairman and chief executive of FSTEC. “With his finger on the pulse of the many channels of digital marketing, those who join us for the Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit will be able to build a strategy that best fits their organization’s culture, purpose, and goals while being exposed to the latest technology available in the foodservice industry.”


    "Emerging technology and consumer behavior have collided in the restaurant business; brands and operators that not only understand this major shift but act on these huge opportunities will be the leaders of tomorrow. Social and digital have converged as a consumer cultural shift in the foodservice business, and we are set to see some amazing growth and opportunities. This event is designed to merge technology along with digital and online strategies to the social consumer,” shares Paul Barron, CEO and founder of DigitalCoCo, LLC.


    The event will blend strategic networking opportunities with a series of general sessions drawing on insights and research from DigitalCoCo’s powerful data and analytics team and will include a social media awards program recognizing excellence, creativity, and results in the foodservice industry. Barron will also join the 2013 FSTEC NexGen Advisory Board, guiding the show’s Mobility and Social Media Track during its Monday and Tuesday educational program. Registration for the FDMS will be available shortly. To be added to the mailing list, please send your details to


    Attendees will be invited to attend FSTEC NexGen providing added value exposing this audience to technology-specific education and vendors necessary for keeping their organizations at the forefront of the latest developments in the foodservice technology space. 

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