Compass Group, a foodservice management firm, and EnQii, a global digital signage company, announced a partnership to roll out a digital signage solution across Compass Group cafés and dining centers in North America. Compass Group locations that have already installed the new solution use a mix of various media content including menuboards, promotions, community messaging, news feeds, and other on-screen information and entertainment. This keeps the signage fresh, relevant, and informative for the consumer, and has led to an increase in customer satisfaction overall at those locations. 

In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, the system is operationally friendly and easy to use. Content is updated using any Internet browser, and can be managed centrally or locally—saving operators valuable time and providing the capability to instantly update any or all signs as needed.

“With EnQii digital signage we are able to enhance the dining experience for our customers,” says Rob Watkins, chief information officer for Compass Group, North America. “Industry studies have shown an uplift of over 20 percent in sales as well as significant increases in customer satisfaction when digital signage is deployed well. We are already beginning to see the value generated in the sites where we have rolled out the solution and expect this to continue to increase as we expand digital signage across our estate.”

“Digital Signage provides real value within the food services sector,” says Stuart Armstrong, president of EnQii North America. “We have demonstrated increased revenues through the ability to flexibly target messaging throughout the day and immediately change menu items, pricing, and promotions as well as reduced costs through better compliance and reduction of print and paper. We are extremely pleased that Compass Group has chosen EnQii for its digital signage needs.”

As part of its new food services sector division, EnQii developed specific products for the sector including digital menuboards, quizzes, games, and interactive services to entertain customers as they queue and enjoy their meals. These are part of EnQii’s new state of the art EnGage platform, which is currently rolling out globally. Within the food services sector EnQii has been rolling out in university cafeterias, quick-serve restaurants, and hospital cafeterias.