Sealed Air’s Diversey business today launched the Diverflow with Sure Link dilution control system, a wall-mounted chemical dispensing system that provides foodservice organizations with a safe and easy way to clean multiple kitchen areas while reducing environmental impact.

“The Diverflow with Sure Link system reduces hazards and errors by ensuring that employees avoid contact with chemicals and that concentrated solutions are not mistakenly mixed or improperly used,” says Isaac Peterson, Americas Portfolio Lead Kitchen Safety and Hygiene, Diversey. “With the push of a button, the desired type of solution is safely delivered to achieve consistent and accurate results every time.”

The system includes six easy-to-load pouches of concentrated formulas for glass, restrooms, floor care, multipurpose, manual ware wash, and sanitizing needs. Color-coded cap and bottle lock-out features ensure that employees use the correct product for each application while reducing exposure to concentrated solutions. 

The wall-mounted design also reduces trip-and-fall hazards by removing chemical containers from the floor.

The Diverflow with Sure Link system is designed for simple employee training with straightforward color-coded equipment and a push-to-dispense design. Consistent dilution and dispensing capabilities also ensure workers are cleaning with the correct strength solutions to eliminate overuse and waste.

“Ease of use and increased employee safety are just two of the benefits of the Diverflow system,” Peterson says. “Foodservice operations also have the ability to reduce their environmental footprint.”

The vacuum action of the Diverflow system allows customers to see the pouches collapsing until they are completely empty so virtually no residual chemical remains. This enables kitchen workers to maximize solution use while eliminating unsafe spills and exposure to chemicals. Reduced plastic and cardboard packaging also lessens waste and promotes recycling.

Diversey is a business unit of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food and other protective packaging solutions. Sealed Air recently completed its acquisition of Diversey, creating the new global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene, and product protection. 

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