Doc Popcorn's 100th Agreement Taking Brand to Oklahoma

    Industry News | May 7, 2013

    Capitalizing on the $1.7 billion industry and gourmet popcorn trend, Doc Popcorn announced the awarding of its 100th franchise agreement, signifying a new company milestone for the rapidly expanding snack brand that began franchising its concept less than four years ago.

    The popcorn franchise awarded the 100th agreement to Dolphus and Alma Chancy of Claremore, Oklahoma, residents who previously worked together for 25 years in the wood manufacturing business. This will be the first presence for Doc Popcorn in Oklahoma.

    "When I was exploring new business opportunities, I came across Doc Popcorn and knew instantly this was exactly what I wanted to be doing for a living," Dolphus Chancy says. “The prospect of selling a better-for-you version of a product that everyone already loves excites me. It's fun, easy to do, and is not a huge investment; how can you beat that?"

    In April 2013 alone, Doc Popcorn awarded four multiunit franchise agreements, which, when fully developed, will represent a total of 20 additional locations in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Oklahoma, and Southern California.

    Since launching the franchise in 2009, Doc Popcorn has opened 80 locations in 25 states and has an additional 300 units in development. As a result, Doc Popcorn has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing snack franchises in the country and has secured its title as the largest popcorn retailer in the world.

    "Like Starbucks did for coffee and Auntie Anne's did for pretzels, Doc Popcorn has taken an already-popular commodity and made it better and more accessible for consumers on-the-go," says Doc Popcorn founder and “Big Pop,” Rob Israel. "Our all-natural fresh-popped flavors of popcorn, coupled with a low-cost of entry and simple business model, is what's keeping Doc Popcorn in demand."

    Made with whole-grain kernels in 100 percent corn oil, Doc Popcorn offers a wide variety of distinctive flavors made from blends of natural ingredients. Gourmet flavors range from cheesy cheddar and sweet butter to sinfully cinnamon and hoppin' jalapeno. Doc Popcorn PopShop, PopKiosk, and Mobile PopCart units continue to pop up across the country in shopping malls, stadiums, and other entertainment venues.

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