Committed to supporting its franchisees during good times and difficult times, Dog Haus is providing a new resource for its operators as a way to battle the uncharacteristic, industry-wide supply chain shortage. 

The acclaimed gourmet hot dog, sausage and burger concept is partnering with industry leader and Principal of Prime Costs, LLC Tim Perreira to help with all tasks related to the supply chain, including purchasing, logistics, vendor relations, product development and operational efficiency. By enlisting Perreira as a consultant, Dog Haus continues to strive for excellence by improving in all areas of its business model. 

“Dog Haus is dedicated to offering top-notch services that position our franchisees for success,” says Dog Haus Partner Hagop Giragossian. “We want to change the trajectory of the current operating environment and not allow industry supply chain shortages to be an ongoing issue for our brand. So, we’re being proactive and supporting our current operators by teaming up with Tim. He’s a strategic leader with extensive experience, and we look forward to having him work with us as we reach new solutions that will enhance our overall business.”

A seasoned restaurateur, Perreira boasts more than 45 years of industry experience spanning full-service and casual dining, bakery and cafés, fast casuals, wholesale bakeries and commissary operations. Over the course of his career, Perreira pioneered the position of head of purchasing and product development for a fast-growing public corporation and was the pivotal corporate officer involved in Chart House Restaurants’ revitalization efforts in the late ‘90s, working directly with prominent executives at the Lettuce Entertain You group. He has held various positions such as vice president of food & beverage standards, vice president of concept development and vice president of food and beverage at popular public and private restaurant brands.

Over the past two years, Perreira has played an essential role at Islands Restaurants in leveraging long-term supplier relationships to help navigate pandemic-related challenges.

“The restaurant industry has endured an uncharacteristic supply chain crisis over the last couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon,” Perreira says. “Dog Haus is taking action during this time to solve problems that we aren’t used to seeing. I’m honored to work with them to provide additional support during this critical time.”

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