The new Dole Fruit Cost Savings Calculator is a both an online and handheld tool created to showcase the unparalleled savings that operators can realize using all-natural Dole Fresh Frozen Fruit. 

Taking into account the cost factors for using fresh that impact menu profitability — (under or over) ripeness, employee labor/prep time, usable fruit yield versus waste — Dole’s convenient tools can help operators calculate the dollars and percentages saved with each 100 percent usable Dole Fresh Frozen Fruit variety.

Both the online Dole Fruit Cost Savings Calculator and the handheld version allow operators to select a fruit variety, enter their own costs, calculate the cost per pound of usable fruit, and determine their cost savings with ease. The calculators evaluate the profitability of both Dole Packaged and Dole Fresh Frozen Fruits, expanding year-round menu opportunities.