Roy Choi is taking his campaign to bring good food choices to the masses on the road. Choi, who helped create 3 Worlds Café, a restaurant incubator in south central Los Angeles that trains local students, offers affordable healthy menu choices, and provides a local gathering spot, is expanding the project’s reach with a 3 Worlds Truck. As a long-time supporter, as well as contributor of Dole Fresh Frozen Fruits, Dole Packaged Foods has worked with Choi and his staff to make the launch of his 3 Worlds Truck a reality.

In addition to its carefully calibrated smoothies (20-ounce, 100-percent-real fruit smoothie with no dairy, no powders, and no ice for $5), 3 Worlds Truck will be dispensing boba drinks and guava pastries. Until it establishes its own following, the truck will shadow Choi’s Kogi Taco truck to a variety of Los Angeles neighborhoods and events. Already in its first week, news of the 3 Worlds Truck has reached 5 million potential customers and its Twitter following is climbing.

Stuart McAllister, Dole Packaged Foods vice president of Sales & Marketing—fFoodservice, Industrial, Specialty, helped organize the opening of 3 Worlds Café and the implementation of the truck launch. “Dole believed in the mission of Roy’s 3 Worlds work-study program, bringing both job opportunities and a healthful lifestyle to inner city students at Jefferson High School. Now he’s taking his message to the rest of LA. We’re proud to support him, and look forward to seeing his youth and healthy food initiatives grow and flourish.”


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