Domino’s Pizza will no longer “Avoid the NOID” – and plans to pay homage to its iconic former mascot, for one week only, by launching The NOID’s Super Pizza Shootout game on Facebook.

Consumers who “like” Domino’s at and play the massively social arcade game have a chance to win one of 10,080 free pizza gift cards, given out each minute to the highest round score. The NOID’s Super Pizza Shootout game makes its debut on Facebook today and will last through August 15.

Celebrating its (or is it his?) 25th birthday, the NOID has enjoyed many years of relaxation since becoming a celebrity in his own right following his first of many appearances in a Domino’s commercial back in 1986. The NOID is back to its old tricks this week, pitting Domino’s Facebook fans against each other for a free pizza in the form of a $10 Domino’s gift card.

“Being 25 is pretty cool. I believe I can legally rent a car now,” the NOID says in a statement. “While I am old enough that some people consider me ‘vintage’ – I’ve still got skills, and proved it by stealing 10,080 free pizza gift cards from Domino’s.”

In addition to pleasing long-time NOID fans with a brief return, the throwback-themed game, featuring a classic 8-bit look, hopes to offer the more than three million Facebook fans a little something extra to do as summer begins to wind down.

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