Piping hot pizza delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s the ultimate experience that Domino’s is known for. But some doorsteps are harder to find than others—if you are ordering from a block of flats, a new build, an office complex or anywhere vaguely rural you might be used to giving additional directions. Soon this will be a thing of the past.

Today, what3words has been added to the Domino’s Pizza Global Online Ordering (GOLO) platform, used by international franchisees to offer online ordering. Using a what3words address means deliveries can be made to the customer’s exact location; whether it be a front door, side entrance or garden gate. The benefit is two-fold. For the customers, the food arrives faster, delivery ETA’s are more reliable and there is no need to answer calls from lost drivers to provide additional directions. For the pizza delivery expert, the delivery is smooth and less stressful: no need to drive up and down the road searching for the correct location.

Addresses around the world aren’t always accurate. A traditional street address will not necessarily direct you to the front door, and often will simply drop a pin into the centre of the building.  what3words is revolutionizing the way we communicate location. It has divided the world into a grid of 10ft squares and given each a unique address made up of three words: a what3words address.  The exact 10ft tile of the front door of what3words London HQ is at ///filled.count.soap, whereas ///usual.trying.highs will take you to an exact tile that offers the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

what3words has already been successfully piloted in Domino’s franchises in the UK, North America and Saudi Arabia. Domino’s international franchisees using GOLO can contact the DPZ GOLO team to integrate what3words’ innovative location technology.

Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of what3words says, “Wherever you live, hot pizza is so much better than cold pizza because the driver got lost finding your door. It’s really important that customers receive their order in good time, and drivers should be able to navigate to their destination with ease. We’re so excited to globally roll-out what3words to Domino’s international franchisees and customers.”

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