After pioneering pizza delivery with innovations such as the Heatwave Bag, corrugated pizza box, magnetic car topper, and Domino’s Tracker, Domino’s Pizza is lookingto revolutionize delivery once again.

Beginning Monday, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, launches a national campaign as unique as anything in its 52-year history, asking consumers to contribute to a whole new pizza delivery experience by helping design the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.

In an unprecedented move, Domino’s will launch the first national television campaign around consumers designing a pizza delivery vehicle from the wheels up.

Domino’s and its delivery experts cover 10 million miles each week in the U.S. alone, and join consumers and car enthusiasts in the excitement and intrigue of what the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle could eventually become.

“Part of the excitement of this campaign is that none of us is really sure how the design will end up, or what it will feature,” says Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza chief marketing officer. “But one thing is for certain: We are always striving to get better, and while we are known as the delivery experts, we aren’t stopping there when it comes to ensuring the best pizza delivery experience possible for our customers.” 

Domino’s is partnering with Local Motors, a Phoenix-based open source, community-driven automobile designer and manufacturer. 

Design competitions begin Monday, August 13. Consumers and enthusiasts can submit a design idea by visiting, where they can take part in several stages of design competitions including exterior, packaging, interior, and surfacing.

Domino’s will be giving out more than $50,000 in prizes throughout the competition stages to consumers who submit ideas and designs.

“The Local Motors Community of over 18,000 enthusiasts, established in the principles of open source and co-creation, generates vehicles of the future,” says Jay Rogers, Local Motors CEO and cofounder. “We are excited to partner with Domino’s Pizza to design a worldwide, game-changing delivery experience for its customers by co-creating the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.”

The national TV campaign, beginning Monday, highlights Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and CEO, riding along with and gathering direct feedback from current Domino’s delivery experts during actual pizza deliveries.

“This may just be our ultimate ‘Oh, yes we did’ moment and our national television campaign shows that this is not just a stunt,” Weiner says. “With the help of Local Motors, car enthusiasts, Domino’s fans and pizza lovers everywhere, we hope that our eventual prototype design is something that truly revolutionizes the Domino’s experience for everyone.”

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