Domino’s Pizza entered into a partnership with GamesThatGive, a new Web site that allows consumers to help raise money for their favorite charity by playing free online games. With several games to choose from, including Solitaire, Gems, and Bubble Burst, consumers will generate donations through GamesThatGive’s pledge to donate 70 percent of its advertising revenue from companies like Domino’s to their participating charities. The longer the consumer plays, the more funds are generated for the selected charity.

“People are always looking for a way to give to causes they care about, and GamesThatGive provides an easy and fun way to donate in a way consumers can embrace, even during tough economic times,” says Jenny Fouracre, spokeswoman for Domino’s Pizza. “We are excited to be a part of this unique and innovative Web site launch.”

To help promote the fund-raising initiative and recruit new players, a social media component allows consumers to post the funds they’ve helped to generate directly to their Facebook news feeds. With consumers’ help through continued game play, Domino’s will be supporting the charities that are featured on GamesThatGive, groups such as United Way, Mercy Corps, The Wilderness Society, and Jumpstart (one of the leading early-childhood education organizations in the nation.)

“GamesThatGive is thrilled to have Domino’s as one of the first advertisers to sign on to this exciting new form of cause-related marketing,” says Adam Archer, CEO of GamesThatGive. “As one of the original partners, Domino’s can help introduce us to the world and promote the opportunity to raise funds for these incredible organizations and causes.”

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