Domino’s is rolling out the red carpet for carryout customers. Domino’s new Pie Pass technology allows customers who order and pay online to skip the line and grab their order.

“We know that carryout customers value speed and simplicity, and that is exactly what they’ll receive with Pie Pass,” says Dennis Maloney, Domino’s senior vice president and chief innovation officer. “Gone are the days of waiting for your carryout order—now when customers arrive at the store, they’ll be greeted by name on our digital signage and handed their order. It’s the ultimate VIP carryout experience where customers don’t have to be a regular customer to be treated like one.”

Domino’s carryout customers who order and pay online or via the app will be eligible to use Pie Pass. When they arrive in the parking lot and are about to enter the store, they can check in on the Domino’s Tracker or order confirmation page, which will give the store team members a head start on making sure the order is ready to go. The in-store digital menu board will welcome the customer by name, and store team members will be ready for a speedy handoff.


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Domino’s latest carryout innovation comes with a new TV ad that gives a nod to every regular’s dream gathering place: “Cheers.” The ad, which begins airing today, features Norm (played by George Wendt) walking down the stairs to enter Domino’s, shocked to find out, for once, nobody knows his name. It turns out, he should have used Domino’s Pie Pass. The video features a Domino’s store built to resemble the iconic “Cheers” bar. Domino’s integrated original footage of Norm from the TV show into the current-day scene. To do it, Domino’s brought in George to do the voice acting for himself, and then built the set and planned the shots for a seamless integration.

At the end of the third quarter, carry-out business accounted for 45 percent of total domestic orders at Domino’s.

Domino’s U.S. same-store sales climbed 2.4 percent in Q3. Domino’s international division upped comps 1.7 percent. The chain has put together 34 consecutive periods of domestic gains and 103 on the international side. Additionally, Domino’s opened 214 global net stores in Q3, including 40 in the U.S.

Domino’s also announced in December the rollout of a GPS delivery tracking system built in-house and tested throughout 2019.

Guests who order from stores with the technology can see the location of their order and “delivery expert” on an interactive map found on their order confirmation page. After consumers order, they receive an estimated delivery time and can opt into text notification that let them know when their order is on the way, when it’s about two minutes away, and when it has arrived. It provides back-end fixes for Domino’s, too. Store managers view where their drivers are out on the road, making in-restaurant logistics easier to manage. Drivers themselves benefit from optional navigation, one-touch customer callback capabilities, and customers who are better prepared to meet them when they arrive.

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