Inspired by the success of similar pizzas in international markets, says Domino’s, it has launched a new pizza called Domino’s Doublemelt.

The new pizza starts with a thin crust, covered in an herbed, blended cheese sauce. A second thin crust is added and topped with the basics — tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and choice of toppings. To top it off, another blend of six cheeses is added.

“This unique combination creates a texture unlike anything you’ve ever tasted in a pizza before, with layer upon layer of flavor,” said Ken Calwell, executive vice president for marketing & development at Domino’s.

Domino’s is planning an aggressive marketing program supporting the launch. Introductory television ads, featuring actor Leslie Nielson, will begin airing nationwide soon.

The new Domino’s Doublemelt ad will run during “Monday Night Football,” tapping into Domino’s new sponsorship of the 35th Anniversary of Monday Night Football with ESPN and ABC Sports.

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