Verint Systems Inc., a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for security and business intelligence, announced today that Domino’s Pizza has deployed Verint’s Nextiva Specialty Retail solution to enhance the security of certain corporate facilities, including distribution centers and corporate-owned stores. Additionally, Domino’s has selected Nextiva as its recommended solution for franchise-owned locations.

Domino’s Pizza produces more than one million pizzas per day in approximately 8,200 locations across more than 60 countries worldwide. As a provider of value-added business solutions for its franchise partners, Domino’s has recommended the use of the Verint solution after its integration with Domino’s in-store point-of-sale system. This powerful integration will enable both corporate and franchise store managers to rapidly identify video of suspicious transactions and to take a more proactive approach to shrinkage and fraud prevention.

“We selected Verint’s Networked Video Solution based on their significant experience and their deep understanding of the requirements of the retail market,” says George Ralph, director of security for Domino’s Pizza. “Verint’s Nextiva will enable Domino’s and our franchisees to enhance the overall effectiveness of store operations.”

The Nextiva portfolio of networked video solutions enables organizations of all sizes, from small and mid-sized enterprises to major government and commercial organizations, to enhance the security of their facilities and infrastructure and the performance of their business operations by networking video across multiple locations and applying advanced content analytics to extract actionable intelligence from live and stored video. By alerting security personnel to potential security threats, the Verint portfolio helps organizations prevent security breaches, improve response time and enhance operational efficiency.

“Verint’s Nextiva Specialty Retail solution builds upon our significant experience working with retailers,” says Dan Bodner, president and CEO of Verint. “Our broad portfolio of solutions enables retailer of all sizes–from big box to specialty retail–to effectively address their most important security and customer service objectives.”

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