Domino’s Pizza is launching the next chapter of advertising its “inspired” new hand-tossed pizza. Following the breakthrough “Oh Yes We Did” campaign, where actual Domino’s Pizza employees faced consumer criticism head-on in reinventing the company’s core hand-tossed recipe, the new campaign takes America on a journey to find the last pizza “holdouts.”

The “holdouts” featured in the commercials are members of the group of consumers who have yet to try Domino’s new pizza.

“We listened to our consumers, we gave them a great new pizza, and we supported that with a groundbreaking advertising campaign that’s captivated America,” says Russell Weiner, chief marketing officer at Domino’s Pizza. “When you have almost every major media outlet buzzing about such a bold change, it gets pretty tough to find someone who hasn’t tried the new pizza—but we’ve found some of the last few people in America who haven’t, and convinced them to join the rest of us and try it.”

The “Oh Yes We Did” campaign garnered massive media attention due to its honesty. It was featured on more than 400 local TV affiliates nationwide, and attracted more than 700,000 viewers to the full documentary online. The campaign also attracted more than 80,000 fans to Domino’s Facebook page.

Following the same line of transparency, the new documentary-style TV campaign presents two real people in their hometowns who have been “holding out,” inviting them to taste and give their honest opinion of the new pizza on camera.

The new campaign launches on TV and online April 5. Consumers can learn more about who pizza holdouts are and how to help Domino’s Pizza find them at The Web site will also host a full-length version of the documentary.

“We are continuing the incredible offer of two medium, two-topping pizzas for only $5.99 each,” Weiner says. “We are serious about wanting the holdouts to try it. They won’t be disappointed.”

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