As consumer plant-based interest explodes, Donatos Pizza, the company famous for premium Edge to Edge thin crust pizzas, announced that they are now delivering on these demands in a big way with the introduction of three new cauliflower crust signature pizzas featuring savory plant-based sausage.

The new cauliflower crust, which has 30 percent fewer carbs than the Donatos famous thin crust, features three new 10-inch signature pizza recipes:

  • Cauliflower Bruschetta: Red sauce, smoked Provolone, freshly cut green peppers and onions, tomato bruschetta, spinach and plant-based sausage
  • Cauliflower Garden: Red sauce, smoked Provolone, freshly cut green peppers and onions, mushrooms and plant-based sausage
  • Cauliflower Heat: Red sauce, smoked Provolone and pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, crushed red pepper and plant-based sausage

“Our menu innovation and culinary team did a tremendous job developing these pizzas,” said Tom Krouse, President and CEO of Donatos. “Donatos strives to bring trending flavors and premium ingredients to our customers, and we are excited to add these delicious options to the Donatos menu as it provides more individual choice.”

In addition to the three new signature cauliflower crust pizzas, customers can “create their own” pizza with the new 10-inch cauliflower crust and plant-based sausage. These pizzas will be available to order online at, on the Donatos app, and at every Donatos location beginning Jan. 27.

According to a study conducted by the third-party delivery company Grubhub, cauliflower pizza was named the top food of 2019 as it rose in popularity by 650 percent.

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