Donatos Pizza announced its delicious limited-time offerings, showcasing the introduction of Mariachi and Italian Cheese Breads, as well as the return of the fan-favorite Heart-Shaped Pizzas. The new Cheese Breads are available from January 29 to March 24, while the Heart-Shaped Pizzas will make their sweet return from February 10th to February 18th, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Mariachi Cheese Bread and Italian Cheese Bread—$6 with any Medium or Large Pizza

Mariachi Cheese Bread presents a fiesta for the taste buds, playing on the ever-popular Mariachi Pizzas. This oven-baked artisan pull-apart bread is topped with provolone cheese, hardwood smoked bacon, jalapeños, and a dash of mariachi spice. Served with a side of sour cream, it is the perfect harmony of savory and spicy.

Italian Cheese Bread is an Italian foodie’s dream come true. Topped with Asiago and provolone cheese, Roma tomatoes, and green olives, this pull-apart bread is freshly baked in our ovens to provide a mouth-watering experience. Served with a side of marinara sauce, this indulgent delight is a celebration of classic Italian flavors.

“I’m excited to introduce our latest limited-time offerings,” says Cynthia Ottavio, Director of Menu Innovation at Donatos Pizza. “Our new Mariachi and Italian Cheese Breads feature a symphony of bold flavors, reflecting our passion for innovative taste experiences. At Donatos Pizza, we’re committed to continuously elevating the dining experience with bold and memorable flavors.”

Alongside the new Mariachi and Italian Cheese Breads, all of Donatos’ delicious oven-baked artisanal cheese breads will be priced at just $6 when you order any medium or large pizza from January 29th to March 24th.

Heart-Shaped Pizzas – February 10 through February 18

In addition to the mouthwatering new Cheese Breads, Donatos Pizza is set to spread the love with the return of Heart-Shaped Pizzas from February 10th through February 18th. Create your own 1-topping pizza on the brand’s famous thin crust, available at the same cost as a medium pizza (varies by location). Heart-Shaped Pizzas will be served uncut – because Donatos Pizza won’t break your heart.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to savor the extraordinary flavors of Mariachi Cheese Bread, Italian Cheese Bread, and Heart-Shaped Pizzas. Visit your nearest Donatos Pizza or order online to experience these limited-time delights.

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