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    Don't Want Fries at Arby's? Try the Chopped Side Salad

  • Industry News February 24, 2011

    Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. announced the addition of a Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad to the menu as an alternative to fries in its combo meals, at no additional cost. The Chopped Side Salad is available at company-owned locations and will roll out nationwide in July, with the addition of a Lite Italian Dressing.

    Arby's Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad features a premium blend of fresh green leaf and shredded iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, chopped red onion, and ripe tomatoes, with dressings served on the side.

    "Our customers are telling us they want to feel good about the choices they're making when eating out," says Warren Chang, chief innovation officer for taste, quality, and the customer experience at Arby's. "They'll be able to get a full meal at Arby's, including a classic Roast Beef sandwich, a Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad with our new Lite Italian dressing, and a choice of no calorie beverages, for under 500 calories."

    The new Arby's Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad has just 70 calories; a Lite Italian Dressing is 20 calories. Arby's also features a classic Roast Beef Sandwich at 340 calories, an Arby's Melt at 370 calories, and a Roast Chicken Sandwich at 400 calories.

    "Arby's was among the first in the industry to provide calorie counts and nutrition information in its restaurants and online," Chang says. "Arby's Market Fresh menu line of salads, sandwiches, and wraps launched in May 2001 and we plan to feature new Market Fresh news in May 2011."