DoorDash, the on-demand destination connecting customers with their favorite restaurants through door-to-door delivery, announced the launch of its first integrated national TV campaign in the United States. The campaign, created in partnership with advertising agency M/H VCCP, will run across broadcast, digital, social and out-of-home channels from January 14 to March 31.

The new campaign comes on the heels of DoorDash’s momentous year. In 2018, DoorDash tripled its valuation to more than $4 billion and quintupled its national footprint to 3,000 cities. Now that DoorDash is available to more than 80 percent of Americans, the company has reached critical mass and is ready to invest in TV spend to increase brand awareness nationwide.

The brand campaign, “Delicious at Your Door,” introduces DoorDash’s unrivaled selection of leading restaurant brands, featuring popular national chains on the platform including The Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, and Wendy’s. Local TV spots will highlight city fan favorites available through the platform, including Portillo’s in Chicago and Mendocino Farms in Los Angeles. The TV campaign showcases a broad range of food delivery use cases—from a new mom in a maternity ward to a dorm room crammed with college students—to illustrate how DoorDash offers customers the possibility of more time for themselves and others.

“Food brings us together and is an essential reality for everyone. We were fascinated by the idea of every door opening you up to a different scenario, showcasing the world of possibilities when it comes to eating,” says David Bornoff, Head of Brand at DoorDash. “We want all of our new and existing DoorDash customers to walk away knowing that DoorDash has all of their favorite restaurants for any occasion at the tap of a button.”

The TV spot, created by critically acclaimed director duo, Greg and Lio, shows viewers a semi-surrealist world in which the bounds of gravity and laws of physics don’t apply. By grounding the scenes in relatable examples, viewers move freely between a fantastical world while maintaining a strong sense of practicality. A door motif is featured throughout the spot to reinforce the broad, diverse audience set for on-demand food delivery. Working with Lital Gurai, a Tel-Aviv based Art Director, the set design and art direction was brought to life using the DoorDash brand color palette through a rich series of hues infused into each room and wardrobe.

“Our world is changing rapidly, and so is the way we eat. We can all relate to feeling too exhausted to cook, or the desire for a pick-me-up comfort food when working late. Our story focuses on the reality of today’s consumer experiences, as we showcase all of the different places and people who use DoorDash,” adds Kelsey Wilkins, Associate Creative Director at M/H VCCP.

“Our aim was to create something visually delightful in order to elevate the spot beyond the everyday scenarios typical to the category. Ultimately, we hope the campaign drives acquisition but also creates equity for the brand,” says Adam Ledbury, Associate Creative Director at M/H VCCP.

To celebrate the debut of its first national TV campaign, DoorDash will unveil fun interactive challenges via social and email for the chance to win exclusive offers.

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