DoorDash launched Storefront, a customizable and commission-free online ordering product which enables restaurants to develop their digital presence in minutes, to support restaurants that don’t have an online ordering product. Restaurants were using this crucial product to keep their doors open when on-premises dining was limited and as the pandemic and the product evolved, DoorDash has seen restaurants become more eager to drive awareness for their direct ordering channels while balancing on- and off-premises demand. 

Iterating upon Storefront’s initial debut, DoorDash announced that Storefront is integrated with Order with Google. Restaurant partners using Storefront in the United States can easily accept commission-free food orders directly through Google Search and Maps, capturing orders from new and familiar customers. Like all Storefront orders, DoorDash does not charge restaurants a commission or additional fee for this integration beyond the standard 2.9% and 30 cent payment card processing fee.

 “Restaurants using Storefront already enjoy an average of 26% more incremental sales. The integration with Order with Google amplifies this impact by driving even more commission-free orders to the restaurant’s own channels,” says Tom Pickett, Chief Revenue Officer at DoorDash. “Customers are already searching on Google to learn more about a restaurant and this integration helps restaurants grow their online business even further by streamlining the ordering experience.”

Of the Storefront orders from Order with Google received by active restaurants in the United States, 83% of the orders were from customers who have never ordered from the restaurant using Storefront. This indicates many customers are discovering and ordering from restaurants they haven’t engaged with previously. Restaurant partners leveraging Storefront’s new integration with Order with Google may receive a 21% increase in commission-free orders per store on average, demonstrating the potential increase in sales. 

This experience is simple for customers looking to order delicious meals and it’s easy for restaurants to process orders without needing to learn new technologies. Below is how Storefront’s integration with Order with Google works: 

  1. Restaurant Discovery: Hungry customers searching for restaurants can now easily discover and order directly via Google Search or Maps by clicking the “Order online” option that will be prominently displayed on a restaurant’s Business Profile. 
  2. Ordering Process: After deciding on a restaurant and selecting “Storefront by DoorDash,” customers can easily browse the menu, build their cart, and check out in just a few clicks – all from the restaurant’s Business Profile.
  3. Order Fulfillment: Once customers place their order, the restaurant will receive the customer’s order through their preferred method (ie. tablet or point-of-sale system).
  4. Local Pickup or Delivery: Customers can follow their selected takeout method by either picking up their order directly from the restaurant or enjoying the convenience of delivery. All that’s left to do is eat!


“As we have continued our exclusive partnership with DoorDash, we’ve seen a measurable amount of incremental off-premises orders, with a significant volume coming through Storefront,” says Robert Bales, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of WNB Factory. “Storefront’s integration with Order with Google is making ordering direct much more accessible for our customers.”

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