Industry News | August 26, 2012

DQ Grills and Chills in New Rochester, NY, Location

The Dairy Queen system’s newest, most exciting restaurant concept has opened its doors in Rochester, New York.

As the first DQ Grill & Chill restaurant to open in the area, the 2,612-square-foot location has added 45 new jobs in the area contributing to New York’s employment growth.

The new restaurant also will contribute to the state’s restaurant sales, which, according to the National Restaurant Association, are projected to increase by 3.4 percent this year.

“We are excited to open Rochester’s first DQ Grill & Chill restaurant and welcome the community in to enjoy our full menu of cravable food items, cool treats, and Orange Julius specialty fruit smoothies and beverages,” says restaurant operator Mark Goldberg. “This new restaurant is sure to become a location where families and friends can gather to share smiles and stories over a great meal and treats.”

The DQ Grill & Chill concept blends the best of DQ’s iconic history with the most modern innovations in the quick-service restaurant industry.

The food menu features the quarter- and half-pound GrillBurger made to order, as well as other delicious and unique food items, including deli-style Iron Grilled Sandwiches. A Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Chicken or Crispy Shrimp Baskets also are available for either lunch or dinner.

Complementing the “grill” is the “chill,” with the traditional and indulgent Dairy Queen soft-serve treats everybody knows and loves.

Along with all of the DQ favorites, such as the signature Blizzard Flavor Treats, MooLatté frozen blended coffee beverages, DQCakes, and waffle bowl sundaes and cones, guests will enjoy delicious Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies and fruit-blended beverages.

The Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothies are made with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, and are blended fresh for customers upon ordering. The refreshing, frothy real fruit Julius Originals are also blended fresh. Flavors for both Julius Originals and Premium Fruit Smoothies include Orange, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Tripleberry, and Mango Pineapple.

The DQ Grill & Chill restaurant interior brings an innovative dimension to quick-serve restaurant dining. Highlighted by the modern open-air grill and separate “grill” and “chill” sections, the restaurant features comfortable booths and large wooden tables, warm lighting, music, and an overall inviting environment.

The restaurant can seat 76 guests inside and also offers 24 attractive outdoor patio seats.


Congratulations to the new operators of this Dairy Queen restaurant. We other restauranteurs wish them the best.But is this really worthy news for QSR Magazine? It's not the first, or the 100th or millionth store... but you're giving it full-blown coverage here, which seems overdone.I'd bet 25 restaurants opened somewhere in the U.S. today. But you're only giving publicity to the one who sent you a news release.It's bad enough that the majority of the things you present in the QSR daily email update are press releases from all the big chains. Likewise, small, independent eateries such as mine don't have the resources to constantly send releases to magazines -- so we continually see more and more about Subway's new menu, or Panera Bread's expanded soups, or Dairy Queen's newest store, etc.That's not really news -- it's you giving free public relations-type coverage to big companies. Sad to say, most of these are boring. I realize it's hard to get independents to share their news, but even a little of it would be more interesting than 95% of the stuff that runs regularly.I'll bet one or two Dairy Queens CLOSED in the U.S. in the past month, along with 10 Quiznos stores. But the only thing we ever read is how wonderful, growing and smart those companies are... and that's really not the truth... and it's really not news...

People here are so excited to have DQ - for Rochester, NY, this is a very big thing.

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