In what the company says might be the first in a line of pie-flavored Blizzards, Dairy Queen will introduce of a Blizzard with the flavor profile of a Chocolate French Silk pie.

The new flavor is DQ’s featured “Blizzard of the Month” in May. It’s made with soft-serve ice cream blended with chunks of chocolate, cocoa fudge, and pieces of pie crust, and the whole thing is topped with whipped cream.

Atkins it ain’t.

DQ launched the Blizard in 1985 and sold more than 175 million units that first year. The company says it considers the Blizzard line “the Dairy Queen system’s single greatest dessert innovation in 20 years.” The flavor profiles of the Blizzard line have been expanded over the years to include different kinds of candy, cookies and fruit.

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