Beginning today Dairy Queen will be serving its 16-ounce Ice Cream Blizzards, soft drinks, and shakes in a cup that features photochromic ink.

The photosensitive cup is the centerpiece of Dairy Queen’s “Turn Your Summer Upside Down” summer promotion. This interactive photochromic ink is designed to be taken outdoors, where it reacts with sunlight. The sun changes the ink from colorless to blue to reveal whether or not consumers have won a prize.

The DynaColor photochromic ink was developed by Colorado ink company Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

“This specially designed cup puts Dairy Queen at the cutting edge of technology within the quick-service industry,” Michael Keller, executive vice president of Dairy Queen, said in a statement. “We’ve added some fun into what we believe is a cool, summer promotion. It’s not just a scratch-off and win.”

According to CTI, this color-changing promotion is the latest in a trend toward interactive packaging for consumer goods.

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