Dr. Smoothie Brands introduces three new flavors to its ever-expanding line of nutritionally minded products.

Dr. Smoothie Brands seeks to increase business by bringing customers the new flavors of Orange Tangerine, Lime-O-Rita, and Chocoholic’s Choice.

• Chocoholic’s Choice brings all the goodness of a frozen fudge bar into a delicious chocolate beverage. Served hot/cold.

• Orange Tangerine combines the tangy and succulent taste of perfectly ripened oranges and tangerines for a citrus explosion.

• Lime-O-Rita is a crisp and refreshing lime smoothie with a zesty twist minus all the acidity & bitterness normally associated with citrus beverages.

Dr. Smoothie Brands offers customers healthy beverages, whole food supplements, and nutrition bars. The company also offers a full line of 100 percent Crushed & Original Blend Fruit Smoothies, Café Essentials, and Nature’s Nutrients products.

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