Dragontail Systems Limited, bringing process efficiency and improving customer satisfaction through its Algo SaaS platform and QT AI Camera system to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and foodservice industry, is pleased to announce the new enhancement for its QT AI Camera – the Cleanliness Module. The module has been launched and rolled-out to Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited in its stores across Australia and New Zealand. This is an expansion to the collaboration from 2019, when Domino’s incorporated Dragontail’s QT AI Camera technology, the ‘Pizza Checker’ in its stores.

The new module can check the quality of every pizza against specified standards before it begins its delivery journey and can also alert stores when the cut bench (where the pizza is cut and boxed after baking and removal from the oven) needs cleaning.

Dragontail’s relations with Domino’s in Australia started in May 2019 with the launch of Dragontail’s QT AI Camera quality system, the ‘Pizza Checker’ (also referred to by Domino’s as “Dom Pizza Checker” or “The Dom”), rolling-out to 850 Domino’s stores across Australia and New Zealand with great success and to Domino’s full satisfaction. The continuation of the collaboration has led to the rollout of Dragontail’s new Cleanliness Module to those stores.

Dragontail is leading the way quick-serves are operating in the new COVID impacted environment, creating industry leading food hygiene and customer safety standards. In addition to the Cleanliness Module, the Company announced in November 2020 the launch of its ‘curbside pickup’ feature to customers, with contactless technology, another developmental module within its Algo Platform focused on optimizing food readiness for customer safe pickup. Dragontail devotes a significant part of its resources to being at the forefront of technology and has recently also developed the technology for integrating drones to dispatch food deliveries.

Don Meij, Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Australia, says: “In the current environment, where food safety and hygiene has never been more important, DOM Pizza Checker has played an instrumental role in providing customers with complete visibility over their meal. There is no quick service restaurant in the world that can assure customers their order has passed a rigorous quality test and send them a real-time image of the meal they will receive Now, customers can also rest easy knowing their pizza is being prepared with food safety and hygiene front of mind, with DOM Pizza Checker constantly monitoring the cut bench and sending regular reminders to clean and sanitize.”

Ido Levanon, Dragontail’s Managing Director, adds: “The current COVID environment is driving innovation in the QSR industry and our latest response in this area is the launch of the cleanliness module through our ongoing successful relationship with Domino’s in Australia. It is safe to say we are leading the industry globally for cleanliness and customer safety. We are pleased to provide Domino’s with an innovative first mover technology solution following our collaborative work together.”

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