Electronic Arts Inc. and Dunkin’ Donuts announced a collaboration to feature Dunkin’ Donuts products in The Sims Social Facebook game. Players will be able to enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts menu items within the game and enhance their gameplay experience and interactions with friends on Facebook. The collaboration will feature the integration of Dunkin’ Donuts products in a fun and relevant way that add a sense of realism to The Sims Social.

In The Sims Social, players experiment with life, customize their homes in a variety of styles, and create scandals or build meaningful relationships with other Sims (characters unique to The Sims). Helping neighbors clean house or cook food can build friendships that can even lead to love. Conversely, pulling pranks can create unexpected enemies. The Sims Social presents unique opportunities for players to grow and advance their Sims lives throughout the game. In addition to iconic The Sims objects, at launch, The Sims Social will feature real world in-game items from partner Dunkin’ Donuts.

As part of Dunkin’ Donuts’ six-month The Sims Social brand integration campaign, players will be able to gift one cup of coffee and one food item to their Facebook friends every month. These menu items are consumable in The Sims Social and gives Sims characters a boost in the game. Players will also collect several consumable Dunkin’ Donuts products in the game that unlock when players’ Sims work at home and socialize with friends. Lastly, The Sims Social players who choose to visit and “Like” the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook page will receive two bonus items to display proudly in their Sim’s home. One of these special bonus items is a Dunkin’ Donuts-branded beach chair that features a custom animation of their Sim relaxing and enjoying a Dunkin’ Donut coffee.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the launch to bring the world’s most popular life simulation game to the world’s largest social network,” says John Costello, chief global marketing and innovation officer at Dunkin’ Brands. “Our integration with The Sims Social gives millions of players a fun and interactive way of connecting with Dunkin’ Donuts to get their Sims running in the morning and keep them running all day long with our coffee and donuts. We are extremely excited to engage this vibrant and growing community, and look forward to enhancing their game experience in a way that is meaningful and relevant.”

“With the launch of The Sims Social on Facebook, Dunkin’ Donuts has the opportunity to reach a large and highly engaged audience,” says Dave Madden, senior vice president of global media sales at Electronic Arts. “This collaboration not only provides real world authenticity to The Sims Social but also offers added value to players’ experience by rewarding them with content that enhances their gameplay courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.”

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