Dutch Bros. Coffee showed no signs of slowing down in 2008 and has aggressive plans for 2009.

Founded by two Southern Oregon dairy farming brothers in 1992, the company is believed to be the country’s largest privately held, drive-thru-only coffee company in the U.S. It opened 21 new stores in 2008, including expanding into Colorado Springs, Colo., a new market for the company. There are now 139 locations across Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona, with plans to open an additional 20 stores in existing markets during 2009.

To keep the coffee momentum moving and customers happy in 2008, Dutch Bros. served more than 25,000 drinks, using more than a million pounds of coffee beans, a million gallons of milk, and 88,000 gallons of syrup.

“It is really thanks to our loyal customers and enthusiastic employees that we experienced such a great year and can look forward to a positive 2009,” says Travis Boersma, co-founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee.