3M and HyperActive Technologies announced that they formed an alliance to bring a new paradigm of drive-thru technology to quick-service restaurants. The partnership between the two companies is designed to help improve quick serves’ speed, accuracy, and employee productivity for orders placed in their drive-thru lanes. Restaurants will be able to have all of their drive-thru technology needs addressed through 3M since the company will not only represent its own products in the marketplace but HyperActive Technologies’ line of offerings as well, making 3M a single point of contact for restaurant managers on everything from orders to installation and service.

“3M is always looking for innovative solutions for [quick serves] and for ways to help our customers grow their bottom line. This new partnership between 3M and HyperActive Technologies is designed to do just that,” says Judith Garcia Galiana, vice president of the building and commercial service division at 3M. “This new alliance of 3M and HyperActive is a win-win for those in the quick-service restaurant segment. Together, we are a one-source solution from the point of order taking to order confirmation, timing, and drive-thru data management.”

The alliance combines a suite of components, including the 3M Wireless Communications System XT-1 with HyperActive Technologies’ Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Board, HyperView, and the company’s drive-thru management solution, QTimer. Hyperactive Technologies’ solutions are the only solutions of their kind to provide real-time, speed-of-service reporting and service metrics, and centralized, enterprise-level store management to enable significant performance improvements.

“This alliance is a natural fit—marrying together 3M’s state-of-the-art wireless intercom systems with HyperActive’s best-in-class drive-thru information management systems,” says Frank Amoruso, president and chief operating officer at HyperActive Technologies. “Quick-service restaurants are the winners here, with higher productivity and improved efficiency.”

Customers will be able to start placing orders with 3M in November.

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