Drivosity, a leading telematics provider for last-mile delivery, uses location technology and analytics to increase delivery driver safety and productivity. Drivosity’s customers, some of the largest players in the food delivery industry, have reported record-breaking growth in deliveries in the wake of COVID-19. This is due not only to the global shutdowns of dine-in restaurants, but also the ‘new normal’ where many people are more comfortable dining at home. However, this sudden growth has put a number of drivers new to the world of delivery on the road and left business owners scrambling to manage and scale their operations.

Drivosity has been quick to respond to overwhelming demand for enhanced delivery solutions in a delivery-centric world. Their GPS-based vehicle and driver safety tracking platform benefits customers who see up to 90 percent reductions in accidents and up to 50 percent reductions in Workers Compensation and HNOA auto insurance costs. As the world experiences unprecedented growth in home delivery, the company has been scaling rapidly, expanding its North American and European teams to accommodate the increased demand from both existing and new customers. 

“Frontline delivery has become an essential service and Drivosity is doing its part to help keep roads safe as the demand for food delivery has surged,” says Greg Pearson, Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales at Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). “By running entirely on AWS, Drivosity has the reliability and proven operational experience the company needs to scale its business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to working with Drivosity as the company continues to innovate new safety features, such as using AWS machine learning services to deliver new and predictive capabilities that can help improve driver safety.”

Utilizing the same driver-empowering positive reinforcement culture that has inspired safe driving behaviors, the company also introduced a new productivity solution, DrivosityEDGE. This solution is all about inspiring more productive driver behavior. DrivosityEDGE breaks down driver trips into measurable scores for statistics like seatbelt time, return lot time, and to-the-door time.  Using similar gamification techniques, drivers self-improve to achieve results that are aligned with store management to improve productivity and efficiency, therefore improving customer satisfaction.  Hot food delivered quickly drives higher satisfaction for food quality, and happier customers equals higher tips for drivers, improving driver job satisfaction.

Safety for delivery drivers, the communities they serve and families they support is at the core of Drivosity’s business. This year the entire world has experienced the massive growth of the delivery-based economy. This sudden shift has created an urgent need for safety and productivity solutions for both experienced delivery companies as well as the many recent adopters. This is especially true in industries with already small margins, such as food service. At a time where smart business investments have become life or death for businesses, Drivosity is proud to serve owners and drivers to take back control of their future.