DTT announces a record two months of sales within the Subway brand. On the heels of the worldwide convention, DTT signed more new contracts than ever before.

Bill McKee, owner of Sunbelt Subway and new DTT customer, says, “I have always been curious about DTT and had heard about their services from other franchise owners. I was most intrigued by the MyDTT portal, which will help me oversee my restaurant operations. The Enterprise Query tool is great for uncovering suspicious activity such as “sweethearting” and theft. I am very happy with DTT’s services and customer support team, which has been more than helpful!”
At the 2012 convention, DTT announced the completion of the SubwayPOS integration. The integration will give DTT customers using SubwayPOS a more functional overlay to easily view and monitor transactions at the register.  
Subway owner Amir Yazdi says, “With DTT’s recent integration to SubwayPOS, I can easily review questionable POS transactions and verify their legitimacy by looking at the corresponding video. The new Business Consulting Group has also helped me to make the most of my DTT system. I now access the MyDTT portal regularly to make sure I know what’s going on at my stores at any given time.” 
New features available with the SubwayPOS integration include accessibility to refund tickets, item deletes, voids, hours worked, employee clock ins and outs, and more.
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