In early July, DTT—a digital video surveillance solutions firm—launched a Business Consulting Group (BCG), which provides customers with free, unlimited, personalized training and operational consultations.  

The group’s main objective is to ensure that restaurant owners and operators are fully utilizing their DTT system and services to maximize their return on investment. 

DTT’s BCG has already made a significant impact on clients’ operations and performance. 

“My DTT consultant was extremely professional and knowledgeable of my brand and its operations,” says Don O’Brien, president of GO-BURGERS, a Burger King franchise. “He was able to get me to relax, ask questions, and interact throughout the sessions. 

“I gained a lot of knowledge while learning more about the live viewing coverage and reviewing recorded footage on the MyDTT portal,” he says. “We spent a lot of time on better understanding the application and connection between DTT and our Radiant POS to find exceptions, such as voids, promo orders, and employee clock-ins. All of my questions were answered and I am confident in my consultant’s commitment to my success.”

The BCG engages in customized sessions to meet the client at their technical pace. With a continuous dialogue, the consultants engage in a business discussion as opposed to purely training on the technical functionality of the DTT software suite. 

This enhances the customer experience. Eric Barfield, president of Campus C-Stores, says, “After two very valuable consultations with BCG, I am now comfortable with the system and its many advantages in overseeing my operation. I am a huge fan of MyDTT and use it as an operation protocol.”

Consultants have a background in restaurants and hospitality and are vertically aligned to increase the understanding of each brand and specific client needs.  

DTT continues development by conducting bi-monthly on-site observational visits and ongoing training. Areas of focus include labor, deployment, menu assortment, customer service, staffing, and multiunit operational issues. 

Manager of the BCG, Scott Greenwald, says, “My passion is in consulting clients by helping them to save or make money through operational improvements.  I love to engage in discussions that lead to questions that will foster a breakthrough in thinking.”

With more than 25 years of experience in the operations and loss preventions sectors Greenwald gained while working with large brands such as Starbucks and 7-Eleven, he understands the point of view and the importance of trusting a third-party loss prevention team. 

“After working with numerous restaurant operators and understanding the significance of kitchen design, loss prevention, and video surveillance,  I recognize the importance of being able to count on vendor performance, and what it takes to respond to client needs,” Greenwald says.

The BCG group continues to grow and, as DTT installs more and more customers, will be looking to add new members to the team.  

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