DTT announced a new partnership with zpizza International, a pizza-focused restaurant concept concentrated on high-quality ingredients inspired by a healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in Irvine, California, zpizza currently comprises 60 total franchise locations in addition to five self-pour Taproom sites, operated by Corporate. zpizza and zpizza Taproom restaurants are located throughout California and in 12 other states, along with international stores in the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Bahrain. 

DTT is now the exclusive vendor for zpizza Taproom and the only preferred vendor thus far for traditional zpizza stores. In October 2016, DTT contacted zpizza to gauge interest on implementing a new, full-service loss prevention system. After learning more about DTT’s suite of services, zpizza executives were confident that the solution was a fit, particularly for the emerging Taproom branch, and signed a Master Purchasing Agreement within two short months. The first DTT installation will take place in Sacramento by the end of December, with more installs to be scheduled as franchisees are notified of the partnership and upon the opening of 12 new Taproom locations in 2017. 

“As an experienced and reputable vendor, DTT will be a huge help in establishing operating procedures in new stores, training staff, and continuing to support franchisee success,” says Amir Sabetian, vice president of operations for zpizza International. “We expect the SmartAudits to be particularly valuable in ensuring all employees are working efficiently and each operational area is running smoothly. Additionally, with the Taprooms’ self-pour craft beer technology, which is fairly new to the marketplace in California—we absolutely need an extra set of eyes to verify guests are safely consuming alcohol and to mitigate risk in case of any problematic incidents.”

“It’s been an exciting few months working with zpizza so far, especially since the Taproom concept is still in the rather early stages of development,” says Kim Helms, DTT’s vice president of National Accounts. “Our team has worked very hard to provide the brand with tools that will present a strong return on investment, from customized audits, to audio kits over the main registers, to specialized camera locations. I’m certain that DTT will be a positive force in shaping operational procedures and enhancing employee activity at zpizza restaurants in the coming months.”

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